Think of me like your personal business interpreter. I'm here to listen to your story, absorb your voice and translate everything you tell me into words that resonate, connect with and convert your ideal students.   

Using my experience as a language learner and a language school copywriter, I combine what you want to say with what your students need to hear so your copy speaks to them, sounds like you and sells your services authentically.

Because it is possible to succeed as an online language teacher without guilt-trippy messaging and wildly unrealistic claims. 

Hey, teacher! I'm Lauren—education copywriter and a total language nerd.

Because you deserve to earn good money teaching students who light you up—and you shouldn't have to worry about how to find them.

I'm on a mission to translate your message into words that get results.

Your words are far more effective when they're friendly, honest and conversational. I approach all my projects with this principle in mind, so your copy doesn't just resonate with your people but makes you beam with pride to publish.

Selling can be as simple as chatting to a friend

I strive to make sure your copy speaks to all your ideal students - regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation - by using inclusive language that your people can relate to.

All potential students deserve to see themselves reflected in your copy

Foreign languages have shaped my life, my worldview and my friendships - and I believe that everyone should have the chance to experience the same.

(yes, that includes you, mum)

Everyone should learn a new language

we'll get on if you also believe:

As a fresh language graduate with no idea what to do next, I decided to move to Shanghai and learn Chinese—and writing was the easiest route there.

But soon after starting at a Mandarin language school, I realised copywriting wasn't just a box-ticking job.

It was a way to turn my love for writing, education and languages into a career. 

There was just one problem: while my words were helping make the school a ton of money, the backbone of the whole operation—the teachers—were being paid peanuts.

(Surprise, surprise, eh?)

That's when I decided to take everything I'd learned and set up Copy That with an aim to help language teachers build their businesses and teach on their own terms while getting properly compensated for it.

I only started copywriting to get a Chinese visa...


"I would and I do recommend Lauren to EVERYONE I know! The ultimate combination of her skillset, her lovely, open, welcoming personality and passion for language, education and helping people, that working with her not only will have an extremely positive impact on your business but will also be pure pleasure!"

- Ola Kowalska, Ola Coaches Teachers

Announcing to the entire office in Chinese that I was going to meet my one-night stand for dinner instead of my running friend. #cringe.

Most embarrassing language faux pas?

Korean. Definitely Korean. Or maybe Spanish. Then again, I've always liked the idea of speaking Italian. And Portuguese. The short answer? I can't decide...

Next language on my to-learn list?

Meeting and speaking to people who've lived vastly different lives to me and realising that, at our core, we're all the same. 

Thing I love most about languages?

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