Fluff-free copywriting & marketing support for language businesses who want copy that sells, on a budget.

Write words that work right from the start.


If you've already tried writing your website, sales page or email sequence, and it's kinda-but-not-really working? Then you'll know it's easier said than done.

Copywriting might be hard, but it doesn't have to consume all your time and energy. Because we're about to clarify your questions, quash your doubts and turn your ideas into inquiries in 60 minutes FLAT.

You deserve a message you're proud to publish

Stare. Type. Backspace... STOP.

You have questions about marketing. Lots of them. And you want someone to give you straight, fluff-free answers fast.

This power hour is for you if:

You've published some copy and it's not attracting the right people or making sales... AND YOU DON'T KNOW WHY!?

You feel like crawling under a rock whenever someone asks to see your website because it just doesn't feel like you.

You can't bare to waste time you don't have backspacing your way through yet another project. You know it should be easier than this.


- E.K., English Coach

“I completely re-did the copy on my main, high-traffic website pages. It was great to just get to work using your guidelines rather than have to do more research on best practices. 

I appreciated getting guidance on what should go where, what was completely missing, and how specific the copy needed to be. Within a couple of days of quietly publishing the copy, a new lead bought a monthly subscription to my services without a consultation call. That HAS to be because the copy was clear & it converted! Woohoo!"

Short answer? It's your choice. But in case you're not sure, here's some inspiration.

What can we do with our time together?


We'll have time for a maximum of 3 web pages.

If you’ve already published your sales page or email sequence but it’s not converting, we can troubleshoot and tweak your messaging so it catches attention and converts. 

We'll have time for a maximum of 5 emails, 3 website pages or 1 long-form sales page.

Optimise Launch Copy

Written your own website copy but you're not seeing the results you want? Whether your words aren't pulling their weight or you're struggling to show up in the search results, we'll troubleshoot and optimise your site so it works. 


Review Your Website

Not sure where to start? No problem. We can spend our time on anything from learning about copywriting basics to creating a content strategy for your business. 

We'll have time to create a newsletter or blog plan or cover 60-mins worth of questions.

Create a Content Plan



I'll be in my inbox (or Slack) ready to read your edits and offer feedback for 10 days after our call.

What's included in your power hour:


A live Google Meet call (yup, I'm that girl), where I’ll share my suggestions & advice.


I’ll arrive on the call ready with my notes, so we can make every minute count.


So you can rewatch it as many times as you like to make implementing changes easy breezy.

All for a one-time investment of £200


“I appreciated that you didn't just tell me, "Do this, do that." You made suggestions, elucidated your written comments, and listened attentively to my responses. You adapted your suggestions based on my responses. You have good people skills, which I'm sure is not the case for all copywriters. For that reason, I think you're particularly well-suited to doing this type of collaborative client work.


Pour yourself a tea, get comfy and join me for an hour of lightbulb moments & relief.


Complete a quick form to tell me all about your business, your audience and your goals.


Once you pay for your power hour, you'll be taken to a calendar to book your spot.





How it works

I'll deduct the cost of your Power Hour off the total package price. So this session basically ends up being free. Win win!

And if you later decide to hire me to write your copy for you?

- Bea, Bucket List French

"I expected to get a few pointers here and there on how to improve my copy, and I must say the service exceeded my expectations.

Lauren took time to carefully review my copy, and provided detailed feedback that helped me to understand how to speak directly to my audience and connect with them. The live session and subsequent email interactions were really useful and I feel I not only improved my copy but started growing my skills in this area!"

No. This is a review service, which means I'll go through existing copy and share my feedback and suggestions with you. Those suggestions may include some examples of copy, which you're free to use. But I won't have done the market research for you, so it's up to you to decide whether to use it or not!

After you pay for the session, you'll be redirected to a calendar to book your session. Call slots are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Not at all! I work with all kinds of businesses in the language education field. Whether you're a school, an independent teacher or you're building a language learning app, I'm here to help you reach your marketing goals.